Case Two: Maldives Villa Private Island Resort

Vella Private Island Is World-Class Service Located In Maldives. This Hotel Have Excellent 9.1 Review Score.

This Resort Has A Private Beach Area And Water Sports Facilities And Free Use Of Bicycles Is Available. You Can Play Tennis, Table Tennis, And Billiards At The Resort.

Not only hotel mattresses, but also all Linens, are all from JLH. JLH provide excellent service on hotel projects. allowing every customer visiting the hotel to enjoy the most comfortable sleep experience.

The following mattress is definitely the first choice for five-star hotels, with a very high cost-effectiveness, providing you with the ultimate sleep experience:

Mattress Size: The mattress comes in a standard King Size (180 cm x 200 cm), offering guests ample resting space.

Mattress Thickness: The mattress has an approximate thickness of 30 cm, ensuring sufficient support and comfort.

Foam Density: The mattress utilizes high-density memory foam with a density of 60 kg/m³ to provide even support and adapt to body contours.

Spring System: Equipped with 1000 independent pocket springs, with 250 springs per square meter, achieving personalized support and shock absorption.

Mattress Fabric: The surface is adorned with natural cotton fabric, soft and comfortable, with excellent breathability to maintain the mattress's dry and fresh feel.

Hypoallergenic Design: The outer layer of the mattress is covered with a hypoallergenic shield, effectively preventing allergens like dust mites, promoting a healthy sleep environment.

Non-Flip Design: The mattress is designed for single-sided use, eliminating the need for flipping and reducing guest maintenance efforts.

Accessories: Elastic straps are attached to the four corners of the mattress, ensuring secure fastening to the bed frame, preventing sliding or deformation.

Reviews: The mattress has an average user rating of 9.5/10, reflecting its outstanding comfort and quality based on user feedback.

In summary, this hotel mattress offers guests a luxurious experience characterized by its standard size, high-density internal structure, independent pocket springs, and comfortable fabric. 

It provides a harmonious blend of luxury, support, and comfort for a satisfying sleep experience.

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